About us

What We Do

We provide affordable cabins for many different purposes. We believe that everyone should have a warm, dry, financially sustainable dwelling to suit their needs and budget.

We can customize a cabin for you , have one, two,three and four bedroom options and our two popular expandable options which give you a large living space.

We have unbeatable freight deals and you can be the proud owner of one of these Gems in just 3 months from ordering to delivery.

We have our own lender www.magentaloans.co.nz who are so professional and extremely knowledgeable about portable buildings. With 23 lenders on board they can sort out your finance quickly and affordably. We can have them call you for lending enquiries.

Why Choose Us?

We have developed close relationships with our partners in China and have staff on the ground over there. We have a trusted sourcing partner that can negotiate great pricing for the cabins themselves and also for freight. We are constantly sourcing new items and all of our supply partners are audited by our staff in china to ensure that every product is NZ compliant and that we are getting the best products and deals for the types of homes we design for our clients. Our rigorous vetting process means that we can get your cabin to you as soon as it lands and goes through customs and there will not be delays because of non-compliance. We are here to provide exceptional service to our clients and we make it easy for you.