We design them here and have them made in our factory in China. All units are NZ Compliant and have quality finishing and workmanship. The reason we can confidently bring these in from China is because we work with a sourcing partner, who sources all our materials, fixtures and fittings and they must pass a rigorous auditing process. We do not buy off Alibaba, these manufacturers are some of the best manufacturers in China and provide warranties and guarantees for all the products. We provide affordable dwellings. They are warm, dry, built on a steel frame. They have thermal insulation, double glazing, laminate floors, Aluminium doors and windows -which reduce mould, are easy to transport to your site and look great.
Yes, we encourage you to make your place your own! If you wish to customise your dwelling, we have a consultation to make sure you get what you want. We will only enter this process if you are going to purchase as we send the plans to the factory to be drawn to scale and for some renders to be done. If you wish to use this service, we require a deposit.
We have a lender that lends on our dwellings and they are great! They can think outside the square and provide you with some great deals and have a quick turnaround. www.magentaloans.co.nz We like to introduce our clients to our lenders, and they are in touch with you within 42 hours.
No, we don’t have a show home. We have so many requests for information and hear from people daily that don’t have anywhere to live so we put our focus on delivering places for people to live rather than having a building sitting empty.
Once you have your finance or your money for your build we start the planning process here with one of our team. From there the factory is sent the final plans- you will have chosen your kitchen, colours, flooring, exterior colours, bathroom accessories, solar or self-composting toilet etc. The factory sends plans and renders back for us to approve and then your build begins. It takes 30 days to build your unit and we have contracts in place with the manufacturer that they are heavily penalised if they are late with delivery. Once your build is complete, we receive a report about the unit to make sure there are no defects and if there are, they must be fixed before the unit goes on the vessel. It takes a further 40 days to ship to your nearest port and then it is delivered to your site.