Information and Disclaimer

Additional Products

We source new products to make your space a little more personal. Everything in this gallery fits into the budget for your new cabin. So you can just tell us if you like something and we can add it to your plan.

Any other products such as solar or any off the grid products will be on a seperate page as we would have to charge a little extra for those products. Keep an eye out for new products as we are continually sourcing to make your cabin a really cool space.

We call these spaces cabins or modular homes which can sound a bit boring! Guaranteed, once your modular home is up and running with your personal touches, boring will not be a word you use

The Process

A lot of people have requested information and we initially give out general information. If you are a serious purchaser we get really involved with you to make your cabin/modular home modular homes a reality.

We will have a plan drawn to scale with your needs and wants and include things such as door placements, window placements and make sure we have all the little details and fittings that you require.

Once that has happened we will submit a quote and upon acceptance of the quote we will do a purchase order with our supplier. You are required to purchase your cabin up front and pay for the remaining balance once the cabin has been loaded onto the vessel to be transported to your site.

Once the cabin is in New Zealand and has gone through customs you have the option of arranging transport yourself to your site- this is often a cheaper option .

Your site must be level and a load of gravel or base course put on top of the site. You will have the dimensions of the cabin so add another 2 meters around your site as you will probably want to finish it off with a deck or paving.

There are some things that must be connected to your cabin, gas for the hot water, water into the cabin through a tank and an inlet and grey and black water out of the cabin. Some people will hook into the septic tank but there are other options that are acceptable and we offer advice about that during your consultation.

Power can be hooked into an existing dwelling on the property , solar can be used or you can contact your power company for options.

It takes 3 months from the time of ordering and purchasing your cabin for it to arrive on your site. So it is a good time to dig any trenches that need to be dug , plant some trees, build some fences etc. That way when your cabin arrives you can move in straight away!

Information and Disclaimer

There are certain things that you must do before your cabin arrives. You must have a level site for it to sit on with a base of gravel or base coarse.

If you want your power cord to be underground you will need to dig a trench and purchase some piping for it to go into.

Water set up- this attaches to the cabin for water to go inside. There is a water heater that provides hot water to the bathroom and kitchen- because the water is not gravity fed you will need a SMALL pump for water pressure.

Septic tank and plumbing- All plumbing work must be done by a plumber. All of the attachments are with the cabin and need to be attached. Consult your plumber for issues around septic tanks or waste water systems. Also contact your council.

Gas- any gas bottles must be certified and connect to our fittings in the cabins which are NZ Approved.

Whilst we are most eager to have a smooth delivery sometimes things do not work out on site as planned. If there is a problem please contact us and we will advise the best course of action

. If the cabin is delivered and damaged in transit, we are not liable for this. You must take out insurance to cover any damage and damage associated with transporting it to your site. We deliver the cabin in good faith and have staff in china that check everything out before it is delivered and we receive a report. If it is damaged in any way once it arrives in port your insurance will cover this. Contact us for the kind of insurance you will need. Once the cabin is picked up by your transporter it is your responsibility. We are also not liable for any costs associated with connections, fittings etc. It would pay to have a handyman on site to advise you. We are also happy to advise you and provide you with set up information. We have minimal damage as our suppliers wrap and brace the cabins (from Sept 2019). Your insurance must be comprehensive enough to cover any damage. We do not refund on cabins except in exceptional circumstances where the cabin cannot be fixed at all.